Covering The Wood Grain Vinyl Flooring

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Wood Grain Vinyl Flooring – Particle board is not the ideal surface for vinyl fixing. The use of a basecoat material, however, will help you connect a wood grain vinyl to any particle board surface. Do not use vinyl discs that already have adhesive on the back. Applying your own vinyl sticker will allow you to control how much you use.

Wipe the wood fiber with a rag to remove dirt or dust. If the particle board is a sub-floor, sweep with a vacuum cleaner. Cut the quarter-inch coating to fit the size of the particle board. A table saw is ideal for this task. Apply equal strips of adhesive time to build the surface of the particle board, and then place the subfloor in place. Staple the base layer to the wood fiber with subfloor staples. Lightly nail staples down until resting above the surface of the base.

Cut the vinyl to shape with a pair of vinyl cutters, and then place the vinyl on the particle board. Stretch half of the vinyl. Apply the vinyl adhesive to the exposed half of the base surface with a roller. Read the instructions on the adhesive bottle. Most adhesives require time between diffusion and vinyl application. Wait the necessary time for the adhesive to set. Stretch the vinyl over the adhesive, and press it with a clean roller. Roll up the detached half of the vinyl, and repeat the gluing process.

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