Decorative Wood Floor Medallions Inlay

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Wood Medallions Wall Art

Wood floor medallions – To carry out a reform in a house, however small it may be is a big investment. You always know when you start but not when it ends, because for some reason, last-minute events appear that lengthen the work for a long time, and also increases the budget. Plank or Strip- These are fixed or laminated plates installed in parallel rows. The tree is generally half to three-quarters thick with table widths ranging from one and a half to eight “.

Look for boards that have been quality labeled” choose and better. “Avoid lower” common “qualities. Interior home decoration is more innovative with the addition of a decorative wood floor inlays. These medallions bring a sophisticated style and elegance to a home by adding an attractive focal point to a room. Create a well-designed medallion with skill and creativity without spending thousands on a craftsman and installer. Use colored residues of wood, ordinary household tools and a pattern to make a characteristic inlaid floor medallion.

Draw a design that complements your distinctive style. Be creative using simple geometric patterns like a star, diamonds or circles. Use the drawing to guide your project. The easiest pattern is a star-shaped medallion where the star has 12 diamond-shaped rays bursting from the center. Each ray will be two colors. And the end process is by cut the starburst wood medallion design out of the plywood square with a jigsaw.

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