Everything You Want To Know About Slate Laminate Flooring

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Colorful Slate Floor

Slate laminate flooring – If there is a problem that is raising or bending the laminate, the reason is usually insufficient indentation which was made in one or more places in the room. In most cases, this is due to the error in the coating handling. First, remove the connection plates together with the connection plates. And then check whether the distance between the wall and the laminate is respected along the entire length.

If there is a door lock, make sure that it does not press on the laminate. And that there is enough space around the screw to hold it. Note that the holder must hold onto the screw through the hole being drilled in the coating. Under no circumstances should parts be mounted on the laminate for connection to the laminate, e.g. Radiator feet.

If the laminate was laid very close to the wall, cut it with a saw approx. 1 centimeter. The remaining parts are best handled with a special chisel, by hand. If you do all the above, the laminate must be leveled out within a few days. It is very important to act immediately after the occurrence of malfunction because otherwise the likelihood of the coating being destroyed increases irreversibly.

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