Flooring Transitions From Wood To Tile Ideas

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Unusual Wood To Tile Transition Ideas

Flooring transitions from wood to tile are two floor coverings that look good together. Both offer a variety of looks, styles and finishes, and choosing a match that shows your home to the best possible advantage is quite straightforward. Beyond color and style, consider floor heights and transitions between floors. For safety reasons, you want soft transitions under your feet to save your guests and family from tripping every time they go from one room to another.


Choose flooring transitions from wood to tile that fit your home, traffic patterns and decor. An exact color match between floor coverings is not necessary, as long as your choices complement each other. Take samples of laminate and ceramic tiles home and lay them down next to each other in the area where you plan to install them. Ask yourself if the patterns on the laminate and ceramic look good together and if they match your room decor and style.

Keep in mind any differences in height between the two types of floor. Often ceramics are about 5/8 inches higher than laminates. If so, you can offset the difference by laying the laminate over a 5/8 inch thick plywood sheet to make the floor level. Or solve the difference in floor height with the floor transition you choose to use. Choose a flooring transition from wood to tile that is the level or narrows any difference in height between the laminate and ceramic floors. If the laminate is higher than ceramic, use the floor strips to narrow the transition.

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