Hardwood Floor Protectors Ideas

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Floor Protector Pads Ideas

Hardwood floor protectors – The hardwood floors are beautiful and can add thousands of dollars of value to a home, but only if they are in good condition. Wood floors that are scratched, worn or simply lose their natural beauty can actually be a detriment to a home. If your hardwood floors are new, recently restored or you just want to make sure you stay in good condition – here are some ideas on how you can protect your hardwood floor.

Keep in mind that dirt, sand and sand are the main enemies of good looking hardwood floors. If any of these are allowed to sit on the ground they just get soil on the surface as people walk on the plants. The sand acts as sanding paper digging into the hardwood finish and maybe right into the wood itself. Keep your wood floors clean regularly by sweeping, vacuuming the use of a bare floor fixture or even just a good (clean) mop. Then stains caused by water look dark and ugly and can even cause distortion of wooden boards. Be sure to clean up any spills quickly.

Use rugs to protect your floors. Area mats near the doors will help keep dirt and dust from the wood, and since sunlight can cause wood to change color, having a carpet in places where the sun shines directly on it will help keep it your floor in good condition. Avoid scratches and scratches on your floor by attaching felt patches to furniture legs. When moving or changing furniture, be sure to lift the piece before moving it.

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