How To Apply Hardwood Floor Polyurethane

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Hardwood Floor Polyurethane Style

Hardwood floor polyurethane – Polyurethane creates a seal on porous floor surfaces, such as hardwood, which provides protection against spills and objects dropped on the floor. When applied correctly to a surface, polyurethane is hardly detectable. If you install polyurethane incorrectly, however, the substance can create a variety of problems when it dries, including the creation of bubbles on the surface of the floor that both can see and feel. If you want to properly apply a polyurethane layer for wood floors without bubbles, you should take some time to prepare the floor before application.

Sand the entire floor using an orbital floor sander until all high spots are level with the surface. Follow the instructions that are included with the sander floor rental. In general, turn the floor sander at a low to medium level and move the sander forward with gentle, steady pressure. Go on the sanded floor with a vacuum cleaner set on bare floor to pull out most of the sanding dust. Wipe the floor with an anti-static cloth to pull up the rest of the dust.

Start applying polyurethane on a wall with a paint roller. Apply in the same direction as the vein of the plant. Roll a few inches forward with the roller and then again in the last couple of inches of polyurethane before rolling back forward. Each time you re-wet the paint roller, place it down on the edge of the last applied polyurethane, roll back into the wet area of ​​the floor, and then roll back forward.

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