How To Clean Polyurethane Wood Floors

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Polyurethane wood floors are a technique often used on walls and panels to give a refreshing light feel to a room. Well you can also clear wood floors as well. The technology for smooth wooden floors is very similar to smooth walls.


The first step is to prepare your floors. This means that if the polyurethane wood floors currently have stain, paint, and varnish. You can do this by grinding, in the fiber direction, or applying a stripping solution to remove it. Allow floor to dry if using a stripping solution. If you sanded floors, carefully vacuum up all dust. You should run a damp mop all over the floor to see all the dust removed. Then mix your puree solution by combining 1 part white color to 1 part water. This is a basic explanation, but tries it on some scrap wood to see if it is the color you like.

You can add more color or less water to achieve the desired color. Using the roller, start applying the clean solution to the polyurethane wood floors in even stroke. Allow to wipe dry for one to two minutes and then with a cloth, wipe the wood floor in the fiber straight. This removes some of the color and leaves a cosmetic look. If you want it to darken, just wait a few more minutes and then dry. Allow the wood to dry completely. Apply two layers of polyurethane to the wood.

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