How To Repair Wood Floor Cupping

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Perfect Wood Floor Cupping Ideas

Wood floor cupping – Cups of hardwood floors when the edges of the plate rise above the center. Moisture can cause wooden floor boards to develop suction cups along the lengths of the boards. There is no way to fix the boards, so it must be replaced to restore the soil. Removing the damaged joints and getting the replacement boards in place requires making specific cuts to work around the tongue and groove grinding at the edges of the boards. Your flooring dealer can order replacement boards the same size and style as the damaged ones.

Border tape of the first damaged joint. Lay adhesive tape around its outer edge to visually deactivate it from the surrounding boards, so it will not accidentally cut beyond its border. Adjust the blade of your small circular saw to the thickness of one of your new floorboards. Place the saw on the board with the blade hanging over the edge of the blade to determine the depth of the right blade – it is typically 3/4 of an inch.

Tilt the front of the saw over the surface of one of the damaged joints, so the saw is stable but the blade is not in contact with the wood. Pull back the blade guard. Start the saw. Sink the disc slowly into the wood. Move the saw forward, cutting a line along the entire length of the damaged board.

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