Ideas For Install Armstrong Laminate Flooring

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Armstrong Exotic Laminate Design

Armstrong laminate flooring is an economical alternative to traditional hardwood or tile. It makes use of a base of composite material covered with a top layer of printed paper. The paper is printed to look like wood grain or tile and then sealed with a protective top urethane seal. This product is designed as a floating floor system. Which means that the boards are not nailed or glued to the subfloor. Instead, they are joined together by a tongue-and-groove connection that makes them easy to install and reduces the amount of equipment needed.

Materials and preparation, measure your floor to determine the amount of material you need to buy. Add about 5 percent to the total square footage to account for the loss of cutting material. You can purchase Armstrong laminate at many home improvement stores, as well as from the distributors listed on the company’s website.

This product can be installed on any type of floor covering or subfloor, with the exception of the carpet. It should not be installed in wet or damp areas and should only be installed on substrates that are fixed or adhered to the subsoil. Use a leveling compound to level floors that are visibly uneven. Also undercut any concrete lump or ridges with a hammer before starting. The floor should be clean and free of dirt, dust and debris.

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