Ideas Resurfacing Wood Floors

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Refinished Wood Floors Ideas

Resurfacing wood floors – Polishing finished wood floors is a quick and easy way to remove minor scratches while preparing the floor for a new floor finishing layer. Soils that are very worn and damaged need a full sanding and re-finishing. However, if you keep polishing out scratches and applying a floor finish layer periodically, finished wood floors will remain as good as new for years.

Remove furniture from the room. Sweep the floor to remove all dust, dirt and debris before dealing with buff. Select the appropriate sanding grain disk for the project. Remember, the smaller the number, the more aggressive is the sanding power of the disk. Place a sanding screen on the floor. And place either a red or white polishing pad at the top of the screen. Place the floor polishing machine with blocks attached to the top of the driving polishing pad. The weight of the machine will keep all the pieces together.

The sand with straight lines starting from the grain of the wood. Do not let the machine sit in one place for too long. Keep it moving from side to side for even sanding. Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dust particles. If it is recommended by the manufacturer of the floor finish, clean the floor with a cloth moistened in mineral spirits.

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