Installing Instructions For Harmonics Laminate Flooring

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How To Install Costco Laminate Flooring

Harmonics Laminate Flooring – Although harmonic flooring looks similar to traditional hardwood floors, the harmonic planks are actually laminated designed to look like wood. If you want to install faux wood flooring of harmonics in your home, you do not need any glue to do it. Wood planks of harmonics have their own integrated locking system that keeps the floor system all together once in place.

Buy a harmonics installation kit. Install the humidity barrier supplied with the harmonics installation kit. Lay harmonics end-to-end boards across the room to determine how many need adjust to the width of the room. Place a spacer of the kit installation against a wall and place the first board that removed the tongue so that one end is against the spacer. Cut down a new piece of floor harmonics (not one of those that stuck out the tongue) so that the board is several inches shorter than the first board put on.

Cut a third piece of harmonic wood shorter than the second. Place it in front of the second. Lay one of the pieces of the harmonic board that removed the tongue next to the first piece of board put. Place the Polin that came in the installation kit against the new board that was put in the first row. Continue to put the floor in this way all the way through the room until you reach the wall. Place the spacers against the adjacent wall on the side of the floor.

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