Laminate Flooring Water Damage

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How To Dry Laminate Flooring With Water Under It

Laminate floors, want of design, last many years with little effort. Wet, floor washing, plumbing leaks, large liquid oil spills and floods will begin to break down the composition of the materials, laminate. Solve any leaks to prevent further laminate flooring water damage. All areas of laminate that have become loose, discolored or skewed must be replaced. Placing a blanket over the affected areas can hide the problem, but it will also allow damage to settle in the wood subflooring.

Precise measurements and replacement laminate flooring water damage materials will have your floor look like new. How to repair water damaged laminate flooring planks? Starting with take plinths and floor molding and set aside. Use a trowel or a small bracket to separate the laminate planks apart. Remove as many as necessary to reach the area needing repair. After that, examine the subfloor and substrate for damage and mold and mildew.

Replace the substrate with fresh material by applying the self-adhesive flooring on the back and pressing it firmly onto the subfloor. Using a circular saw, measure and cut replacement planks. Lock replacement boards in place. Add a small amount of flooring adhesive to the tongue and groove parts of any planks that will carry heavy traffic. Reinstall all skirting boards or plinths. And the repairing water under vinyl plank flooring instruction was done.

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