Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring Ideas

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Loose lay vinyl flooring work well in bathrooms. They are easy to install and durable. If a 12-inch vinyl tile raster, it can be quickly replaced without tearing up the entire floor. They are not as slippery as ceramic tiles, making them a much safer alternative in the bathroom.


Measure the width and length of the room, using a measuring tape. Multiply the length and width and note this number for when choosing tiles. Divide the total number of plates each box contains counting the number of boxes you need. Sweep away dust or debris to create a clean, smooth surface, using a broom. If you wash the surface, the board must be dry before installing tiles. Select the starting point. The first plate needs to be installed at a perfect 90 degree angle. If you have a traditional vanity, the first tile with the edge of the vanity borders on your starting point.

Peel off the film on the tile. Line the corners of the loose lay vinyl flooring with the edge of X and begin. Remove the film and firmly press the tile in place. Continue to scale and install the trays by line up the edge of new tiles with the edge of the casual tile. Work on the outside walls. Cut tile with a carpet knife and finish the installation around the outer perimeter of the bathroom. If the tiles do not fit perfectly along the edge of the room, you may need to cut them to the correct size. Measure the remaining surface along the wall, and create a line mark on the film side of the plate.

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