The Best Ways To Hardwood Floor Sweeper

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Dryer Sheet Floor Sweeper

Every now and then it is desperately needed: hardwood floor sweeper. It is important that the weekly and periodic maintenance is performed properly, because otherwise your wooden floor runs the risk of permanent damage. Sweeping, soapy water, vacuuming, repair chores, it’s all part of the game! Clean stains on the floor immediately. If there is liquid material on the floor, first remove it with a cloth that absorbs moisture well. Moisture quickly affects your wooden floor. Wipe the wooden floor daily with a

Swiffer or other soft broom. It may sound enormously labor-intensive, but it protects your floor against wear. By removing dirt, sand and grains from the wooden floor, you prevent scratches and attached dirt. Vacuum the floor weekly with a vacuum cleaner. With a good vacuum cleaner you get the stubborn dirt between the floor parts. Use a soft brush for the vacuum cleaner and do not apply too much pressure.

Otherwise you can scratch. In addition to a weekly vacuum, the wooden floor also needs a mop. Only how do you clean a wooden floor with a mop? Before mopping it is important that the dirt is removed from the floor. So first vacuum or wipe the floor well. Then clean the wooden floor with a damp mop. Moisture that penetrates the wood affects the paint and makes the wood warp.

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