Types Of The Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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Best engineered hardwood flooring comes in a wide variety of such wood, stain color, finish and composition. That owners and builders should have trouble finding the particular floor that best suits their needs. In fact, the biggest barrier to reaching a decision may be a large number of options. From traditional solid oak planks to environmentally friendly bamboo interlocking. The contemporary world of wood floors covers the entire range.

Solid wood is quite simple, the floorboards are solid pieces of wood that have not been processed or pressed. It is to change the material of its original form. Oak is considered to be the overwhelmingly popular choice for solid wood flooring in the US. Its hardness is resistant to bumps and scratches, its durability is comparable to more expensive exotic woods. And the grain and oak composition seem to be universally aesthetically appealing. Another solid cherry wood is very popular Brazilian, often used for its factor of hardness and visual appeal.

Engineered wood is made by stacking and gluing several thin pieces of wood together, then placing them under extreme pressure and heat to form a plank. The engineered wood composition avoids the structural instability of solid wood that it has when it expands and contracts from moisture. This gives it the advantage of being suitable for installation on any type of sub-floor. Concrete sub-floor and basement grade would generally not be suitable for the installation of solid wood floors, due to moisture levels.

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