Wood Floor Inlays Are Not The Same

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Square Wood Floor Medallions

Wood Floor Inlays – ┬áIf you have never had hardwood floors in your house, you may have an impression of what someone means when they refer to their wooden floor. For most people, the image in mind is the floor of individual wooden planks, all of which are solid wood and nailed from end to end; The major variations come from either an oak floor mounted or a maple, walnut or other hardwood species. Even though the image can be accurate, it is more likely to be quite different from what you consider.

There are various options available on the market today and each claim the “wooden floor” label. The two most common are solid wood, consisting of one piece from top to bottom. And engineering wood form when two more thin stripes are press together. From the old buildings and reused. The other type of impregnat acrylic is the process in which acrylic is inject into the wood. Thus creating a super hard and durable floor.

Outside the basic floor composition there is a big difference from one floor to another based on what style is chosen. The parquet floor is very popular and is a series of rectangular or square blocks of wood. This is the geometric pattern and then glued under the floor. Another style is created through the use of inlay boundaries. This is formed when usually the shape of a pattern or shape is darker.
The variations on the pattern of the pattern are achieved by the design area and then repeating or staining it.

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